Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Kamo Christmas Parade 2012

Yesterday, I went to the Kamo Christmas Parade with two friends,  I hadn't been for a couple of years.  It was smaller this year and a lot less motorcycles (there used to be so many of them and they had toys and went on up to the Hospital with them), the theme was a Northland  Christmas.  I see I didn't get a photo of the motorcycles.

 These roller skaters were great two of them would lie on the road and others would jump over them and other tricks.  Love the get-up.

 This bus is from the home where my husband is.  The residents have spent weeks painting the tree and santa and making the papier mache fish to hang on their fishing rods - the Christmas tree is truly northland - a pohutakawa.

.The parade took 30 minutes to go by and this last photo is of the crowds coming on down to the High School grounds where it finished.


  1. It seems strange watching a Christmas Parade with bystanders wearing Summer attire :) ... it was cold here for the parade going on down where my Auntie lives and hubby drives his Cab. I did love the bus and the couple with the donkey.

  2. What a great parade, and even the donkey!!! Lots of work in each float, vehicle or costume. you are a brave lady being there, I get overwhelmed in crowds, so thank you so much for these photos. Cheers from Jean

  3. After watching all that lot go by, I'm ready for one of those Regency Pies!

  4. Love your pictures. The roller skaters look wonderful, especially the one in the red tutu. glad you had a great day out Sue

  5. I finally read Thursday free paper and noticed that the motorbike toy run is being done separately this year - something to do with dates clashing.

    Our Olympians were also on one float - missed that.

  6. That looks like an enjoyable day, Susan. Like Cindy, I find it odd to see summer clothes just before Christmas and wonder how easy you found it to adjust to a midsummer Christmas when you moved to New Zealand.