Friday, August 2, 2019


Last week's Parkinson Walk was at the Quarry Gardens.  As its name suggests it is in an old quarry.  Apart from the "Man in Charge" it is completely volunteer run.

When we go there the majority go on the gentle walk to the lake with 2 or 3 going up the hill.  I went up the hill with a couple of Parkinsonians while Doug walked the lower level and took photos.

It was a lovely mid winter's day and, as you can see, there were three men in shorts.


  1. I've been meaning to visit this place, once we move back to Mangawhai I think I will venture in there. You would love the one in Tauranga, google it, it's called Te Puna Quarry Gardens.

    1. It is still a "work in progress". I just read that they now have a golf buggy so that people who are not very mobile can see around. Sounds a great idea if one has visitors in that category. I just looked up Te Puna Quarry Gardens which also looks great. It is many years since I was in Tauranga but, if I get down there again, will have a look. It looks larger than our gardens.

  2. What a wonderful green winter you have. If ours looked like yours, I would not mind it at all.

  3. Another beautiful place to walk!

  4. The landscape looks heavenly.

  5. What an amazing place! Must have been a lot of work to make a garden from the old quarry.

  6. Very cool Looks beautiful We live close to a quarry with gardens as well. I go there often for a walk.