Sunday, February 28, 2021


 We got Emergency signals on our phones at about 9 p.m. last night.  It was to announce that Auckland has gone to Level 3 and the rest of the country to Level 2 for 7 days for Covid 19.  

This is because people who were supposed to be isolating have been going to work or the gym.  Level 2 is not too bad for us but it is amazing how people can be either so stupid or so uncaring.  We are still going ahead with our Parkinson walk tomorrow as it is around a Lake and there are not likely to be many other people there.  The reason we cancelled previous walks was because they started and ended at the Information Centre where there could have been people coming from Auckland.

Auckland is actually in Lockdown and people can only travel to other areas for a valid reason but I gather people were heading up here before the road blocks were put in place.

Now to Bobby - yesterday he brought us two raw sausages.  Someone must have left them out, presumably to thaw.  It amazes me that people leave food out like that, think flies and other insects.  I know it doesn't excuse Bobby but he, obviously, had to fend for himself for several months so grabs anything available.  He got growled at but was so proud of himself.  We are going to try and train him to use Kim's old run so that we can at least keep him indoors at night.  

We went to the Tikipunga Market this morning and bought another 6 sweetcorn and I have just processed them and they are now in the freezer.  

Off the cob

and ready for the freezer


  1. That phone warning sound is quite frightening here. Not something I want to hear again.
    I hope finally everyone follows the rules. NZ was doing so darn well.
    As for Bobby, what a provider! You have got to wonder though whose sausages they were and what they are thinking. A sausage eating ghost, a hungry possum ?

    1. Yes, it is the scary here. My phone sounded first and, just as I stopped it, Doug's set off.

  2. Bobby might be getting into someones house through their cap flap or some other small space. My youngest son's cat is very greedy and they have to keep him on a diet, but he is always getting food from elsewhere and they think that is what he does.

    1. At the moment it is still quite warm so doors are open. We think the sausages came from next door and that is where Bobby lived for his first 11 years. We think the pork chops came from the next house along.

      Bobby is going to get quite tubby if we are not careful as we tend to keep feeding him to try and stop him theiving.

  3. You only have to relax the rules, and some people take it as an 'All Clear'. People can be so stupid; they are playing with people's lives.