Monday, February 8, 2021


It is a public holiday today and the weather is cooler.  Cloudy and, according to my phone, a pleasant 23° C.  

For the Parkinson walk we did The Loop starting at the Aquatic Centre then past the shops and back along Riverside Drive.

Gwynneth, this is for you - the Hundertwasser from the river.  I will try and get a photo from the other side.  It is not due to open until December so there must be a lot more work to do.

The area alongside the shops looks almost deserted when we started our walk although there were plenty of people along the way.

The gardens in front of the National Clock Museum always look good.

The playground has just been renewed.  Difficult to get a photo as from behind the swings all I would have got was a row of "backsides".

There were 14 of us today and three young children.  We planned the walk so that we could go to the Kafe with a "K" for our coffee.   It started off with  takeaway coffees but then added tables alongside the river and real  cups,  This is the large pohutakawa tree alongside the cafe.

and the view of the river.

I then wanted to go to Farmers Trading Company and the gardens were looking stunning.


  1. That must have been a lovely walk..brings back memories ❤️!!
    The Hunterwasser museum/gallery is coming along well...looking forward to seeing the finished article.

  2. Sounds like a pleasant walk. The Victorian style garden bedding is absolutely gorgeous - it seems there is less of it around these days, yet it is so colourful.

  3. They do a great job with the gardens here.

  4. Picture No 1 looks great fun. It's good to see a building where they don't hold back!

    1. It is based on a sketch by Frederick Hundertwasser who lived further north.