Saturday, February 27, 2021


 I have been kept busy in the garden and dealing with the produce.  Finally, the peaches have come to an end.  I have 30 packs of lightly stewed peaches in the deep freezer weighing about 700 grams each.  These will mainly be used on my morning porridge but also for crumbles and sponges.  

We still have tomatoes ripening and should do for a while yet.  I have not counted the number of bags of tomatoes in the freezer but about the same as the peaches.  There is not a lot of room left for sweetcorn although we did buy some this morning at the market and it is off the cob and in small packages in the freezer.  I will try and get some more at the Tikipunga Market tomorrow.  I made a batch of tomato chutney and, if I get time, will make some more or tomato sauce.

The beans I was given by Blogger Jean have done really well.  For a couple of weeks there were no beans but they have started providing a good crop again and we had the Dalmation beans as well.  

We have been giving away beans and tomatoes all summer.

Here are some photos taken today.  The butterflies and bees are enjoying the plants we put in for them.

The bananas are shooting up and now have three baby plants. 

Opposite the bananas is the "plantation" of Swan Plants for the butterflies.

I have planted silver beet (Swiss Chard) and Perpetual Spinach.  I bought two 6 cell pots of seedlings and only used 2 cells of the silver beet and gave the rest away. They have been in the ground about a week and are looking good.


  1. It's almost time for me to buy seeds for this year's sowings. It'll be good to get back to growing again.

  2. I think the tomatoes and beans will keep going for a while yet but I must start to get broccoli and other brassicas in the ground. Growing doesn't stop here.

  3. I love the way that your Monarch butterflies compliment the orange flowers.

    1. They are lovely aren't they. These are two "new to us" flowers that we bought seeds of this year and we are very pleased with them.

  4. Love to see your garden doing well x