Thursday, December 8, 2022


Sunday was another sunny day and Doug kept working and got all the top railings up.
Monday was good as well and we had a lovely walk along the Onerahi waterfront followed by byo morning tea. We had just walked in the door when we got a call from Gary (the son of Stan who Doug went to primary school with). Gary is over from England visiting his Dad and we had time for lunch before they came around. It was great catching up with both of them. Gary flew home yesterday. We then drove the 6 kms to Steve's Honey to pick up a carton of his delicious Bush Honey with Manuka. He told us that the market has fallen for Manuka honey and he is now adding more to his bush honey. 
Tuesday started fine but there was a heavy rain warning for Wednesday. While I continued weeding Doug managed to get the palings up on 2 sections of the fence before the rain started.
It has rained ever since (now Thursday evening). Doug did manage to get enough palings chamfered for 3 more sections when the rain eased slightly this afternoon.
Tomorrow we are having brunch with Granddaughter and baby Ella. It is still forecast to rain until Monday.
Hopefully the rain will sto
p for Monday's walk which is a bit further away than usual. 


  1. Hope you get a dry walk. It has been showering lightly down here, but nothing heavy or prolonged

    1. Just drizzle today but rain forecast every day in the 10 day forecast. What have we done to the planet?

  2. I have always bought Manuka honey, it's just way superior than the rest especially when one of us is sick