Sunday, June 2, 2024


 Life and busyness has got in the way of gardening for a while but, yesterday, we finally got back into it.  The bananas were starting to look tatty with some yellow leaves.  The two stems from our recent bunches of bananas also needed cutting out.  I did this and cut them into short lengths to put as mulch around the plants.

Doug in the meantime  removed the blackberry and raspberry plants that were to the left of the banana as well as the trellis and posts supporting them.  A difficult job as he discovered he had cemented the posts in the ground.  

It was hard work but we are pleased with the result and will now encourage the bananas to spread to that area and may even transplant one.

Today, Doug emptied the worm farm and pruned the peach tree while I cut back one of the crepe myrtle bushes, Doug having cut the other one back a couple of days ago.

There are six flowers on the banana and I see several new plants growing on this side.


  1. What a lush banana tree. You'll be getting even more bananas now I hope. Wonderful.
    It's gardening time here too. Not too hot yet. I'm trimming trees and digging out weeds. And watering.

  2. Those bananas are really doing well there.
    Winter garden tidying..not as enjoyable as harvesting, but still satisfying!

  3. Oooh, bananas. Would that we could grow them here! Persimmons, kiwis and loads of citrus grow just down the peninsula from me, so that's kinda fun.