Friday, December 28, 2012

The good and the bad of people

This morning I joined my friend again walking Sophie, a Labrador/Golden Retriever cross.  On the way back to my place we came upon a queue of traffic just before the railway crossing.  It seemed odd as the traffic was coming the other way.

We then realised that the people in the front car were on the road trying to catch a dog.  Everyone waited patiently and the dog was finally caught but they put it at the side of the road and proceeded on their way.

The dog then went out under the following car.  The occupants of about three cars then got out and after several minutes the dog was finally caught.  In the meantime several cars went on and we pulled in to the left of the road behind yet another car that had stopped.

My friend went to see what was happening and to offer to take the dog to the SPCA if needed.  When he returned he said that a young man in one of the cars had seen someone throw the dog out of a car.  It looked from a distance like a spaniel cross in a very poor condition and was shaking, most likely in shock.

The people in the front car  (who already had one dog in their car) were going to take it to the SPCA.  I was disgusted at the person who threw the dog out  - why not take it to the SPCA?  I was also pleasantly surprised by how many people stopped to help and the fact that everyone waited patiently (or not patiently) while all this went on.  Everyone was courteous even when they went past.

Although the forecast is for a high of 22 degrees today it is sweltering with 30 degrees on the thermometer in our front porch.


  1. This makes me mad, it happens here occasionally after the summer holidays; people are so heartless.

    7 C, overcast, and miserable here.

  2. Disgusting some people are. Pets are all good until people realize they are work then throw them away as they were nothing.

  3. This sort of thing just brings me to tears. What must be going through that poor frightened dogs mind, evil disgusting people.

  4. Just criminal. Good for all the people who stopped to help. And just stopped to be out of the way.

  5. Oh that poor little dog. So glad those people managed to catch him and take him to the SPCA.

  6. How unbelievably cruel, it really upsets me that man can be like this and until I pass on I will never understand it.
    I do hope the dog finds a wonderful loving home and is not put down.
    Regarding the non gluten diet, I feel like a different person since I've ditched it but so many people think I am a crank. I know its hard to take onboard with wheat being such a seemingly benign item of food but its literally in everything you pick up.
    It's nice to find someone else who knows what I'm talking about.
    Pouring with rain again here, and more on the way.

  7. I can only echo what everyone else has said. With the various animal charities in existence these days there is simply no excuse for dumping them. Thank goodness there are some decent folks around x

  8. I have heard of this happening before especially following Christmas when the owners can no longer afford to feed the dog. It is totally irresponsible to have a puppy and then abandon it. I hope that the dog in question finds a new home where it is loved and cared for properly.