Tuesday, January 16, 2018


A storm is forecast and the wind has already got up so today I picked all the basil and used my new Kitchen Aid mini food processor to make a good batch of Pesto.  I made some a few weeks ago which was delicious.  

I also picked any tomatoes that looked vaguely ripe and the pesto will be delicious with them.  We bought several "new to us" tomato plants this year and, so far, the tomatoes are not very large but the last variety we planted just called "Red" are going to be bigger but it will be a while before they ripen.  I hope the storm doesn't finish them off as they have already had a hammering from the last storm.

No photo of the pesto but here are some of the tomatoes we have on the kitchen bench.

The small dark ones are a variety called "Black Cherry"


  1. Those are beautifu red tomatoes. I prefer the smaller tomatoes for taste and am always up for trying new species. I have been disappointed with some but have found some great hybrid varieties. Enjoy!

  2. Those tomatoes look really tasty.

  3. What a great crop, there is something so tasty about home grown produce.

  4. Lovely. Ours are about 8 months away.

  5. This is a good idea thank for sharing on the website.