Thursday, January 4, 2018


A storm was forecast for today and, although we have had gentle rain most of the day, the wind is getting stronger now and some plants have been knocked over.

As the Christmas tree was in the verandah we took it and the other decorations down at lunchtime.  I usually leave them up until at least the 6th and often a lot longer (Max used to like them up until his birthday on the 10th).  

We needed the rain as the ground was parched but the wind could be a problem.  The wind and rain has just increased by several levels.

We have just had the house painted (everything above the brick) and, luckily, it was finished yesterday.  Next week the painter comes back to paint the covered back deck area and the deck itself.  One less job for Doug to do.


  1. Two days in a row,over 32C, then thunder then rain, Still a light drizzle at 8.30. I dismantled the tiniest tree, put the small sprigs out on the garden,and the baubles away for another year. Max, his birthday on the 10th, same day as Hugh's is.

    1. We were late 20's and everything so dry. It is getting worse with stronger winds and rain now. Happy Birthday to Hugh on the 10th. Max would have been 87.

  2. Our tree comes down on the 6th (12th night). Foul here, wet windy and cool. Roll on Spring.

  3. It always rains like that when I've just cleaned the windows !

  4. We're having the same weather as you...only you're having it more so!!
    Our decs come down on the 6th too..funny how the end of Yuletide is also 12th night!!