Tuesday, October 6, 2020


 Doug went in just before 11 a.m. having no food since last night and no liquid since 6 a.m.  There was no parking so he told me to go home  which I did.  We have had a few texts and calls during the day.  It turned out he was last on the list which I thought a bit odd given his age but then I did not know how old the others were.

It is 3.30 p.m. and Doug's youngest daughter lives just near the hospital and just phoned from the hospital to say that the anesthetist is not happy to do the operation as it is getting late and there are no beds available for him to stay overnight.  I gather this is because of his history, having a quadruple bi-pass about eight years ago.  

His daughter is bringing him home and I am sure he will be very thirsty and, most likely, hungry.

Meanwhile, I have had a busy day, cooking in the morning and getting rubbish cut up into the wheelie bin in the afternoon.  C'est la vie.


  1. What a disappointment. Will he go straight in again today?

    1. It was today (Tuesday 6th) but he won't go in again tomorrow. We have to wait and hear - I think they are going to try and get him in sooner rather than later. Hope so anyway. He is booked to have a skin lesion removed next week so that may have to be postponed. Grrr.

  2. These postponements are so trying. Hope it is sooner.

  3. What a pain in the proverbial. I hope they reschedule him very soon. Mxx

  4. That must have been so frustrating for you both. I expect that Doug must have spent time preparing himself mentally for what was lying ahead of him, and all to no avail.

  5. At least you had a productive day, but so frustrating.

  6. Not nice to be messed around like that, but I suppose it couldn't be helped.