Saturday, January 9, 2021


When one is young bodily functions are automatic and one doesn't think of them but as one gets older and, in particular, when one is sick or had an operation, they get more important.  Doug was not allowed to leave the hospital on Tuesday until he had a "wee".  He has been making slow but good progress but today finally went to the toilet (in other words "had a poo or motion" and now feels a lot better.

We had an expected visit from great grand-daughter (who will turn 3 in May) and her parents who came for morning tea.  We had a good time catching up and then went through the gate to the park behind so that she could have a go on the swings. (we spent Christmas day with them).

Doug's eldest daughter also called in and his youngest was going to come to lunch tomorrow but phoned to say she is feeling unwell, sore throat, so won't be coming.  

I also removed several lettuces that have got away on us.  The best lettuces I have ever grown that got overlooked while I was dealing with other produce.  I gave away a lot of beans and courgettes today and must now go out and pick today's crop.

We have also had some lovely showers.


  1. All is well in your world, even rain!! Glad to hear all is well with Doug

  2. Glad to hear that Doug is progressing disrupts all our systems.
    Lovely that you can see family.

  3. Replies
    1. I tossed up about this post but kept thinking about the fact that one never thinks (or speaks) about these things when one is young and everything is working but when one gets older or sick it is the difference between feeling well or very sick or even life and death and suddenly becomes most important affecting both physical and mental health.

  4. Good to hear Doug is progressing well.