Saturday, September 18, 2021



This conversation refers to a couple who left Auckland using an "Essential Worker" exemption but then travelled to their holiday home in Wanaka.  They were dobbed in by locals.  His mother is a District Court Judge.

Meanwhile three men have been arrested after using their "Essential Worker" status to travel to Turoa ski Field.  The Ski Field staff were suspicious of their documentation for a ski pass.


  1. Teddy-world is becoming an institution.

  2. Those Teddies see everything that goes on in the world from their window - be careful what you get up to.

  3. Teddies see all and hear all and no doubt read all the news. District Court Judge or not, the general opinion is, throw the WHOLE book at them both, and in addition I see that W W has a low level drink driving charge and an other charge too. He really needs a family lawyer or this might turn out to be a very expensive escapade.

    1. As you say throw the book at them. If they had come here I would be furious.

  4. I hope they're get the full force of the law heaped on them. Can't believe/hope NZ would think otherwise .