Monday, September 13, 2021


 This morning we had the first Parkinson walk since Lockdown.  We went to Beach Road in Onerahi and walked the Waimahanga track.  It is a lovely walk planted with mainly New Zealand and Australian natives and they were showing signs of spring.  The track is a lovely surface for walking, much better than concrete paths.

I tried to get photos of as many flowers as possible although many were in awkward places.  There were Tuis singing all along the track although I didn't actually see any.

Next to the pathway just before the track the Council has planted bananas although they are looking very sorry for themselves after the winds we had recently.  Good for locals to be able to pick one or a bunch.

and further along in a sheltered place an Abyssinian Banana which is non fruiting (or does not have edible fruit anyway).

We took tea/coffee and snacks with us and had it at a picnic table keeping in our own "bubble".

We were expecting a load of firewood to be delivered this afternoon but it was in the drive when we got home.  Doug had a G.P. appointment for his Driving Licence medical so we got some stored between us before he left and I carried on.  He has just got home and put the last lot away.  Great as rain is forecast for the rest of the week.

A very satisfying day (and I should sleep well tonight but then I always do).


  1. Compared to how poor Auckland is doing I think we're pretty fortunate to be able to get out for walks.

  2. Lovely photos. Wish I could have heard those tuis

    1. I have just been watching them in the Waratahs from the kitchen window.