Thursday, December 20, 2012

Green Soup

As usual at this time of year I was out in the garden by 6.15 and did a couple of hours' work before coming in for some breakfast and a shower.  Then checked for emails and went out to visit a friend for coffee before going to the Rest Home to feed my lovely man and then cut his fingernails.

Home for a late lunch - I had some chicken stock in the fridge from a couple of free range, corn fed chicken I jointed at the weekend, I also had large amounts of silver beet (Chard) and some brocolli in the garden.  I have never made green soup before - soup is always a favourite but for some reason I hadn't made the green version.

I sauteed an onion and potatoe cut up finely and then added the stock.  While this was happening I washed and cut up a large bowl of greens and then added them to the pot.  Cooked it for a short time and then used my wonderful Breville Wizz Stick that I bought for a couple of dollars in a garage sale.

The photo doesn't do it justice.  The white lumps are some New Zealand Creamy Blue Cheese that I crumbled and added at the last minute.  It was so good I ate two bowls.


  1. I'm actually commentin on the beautiful slug from an earlier post, just gorgeous.
    thanks for the comment on the Library.
    I agree with you that the new all glass buildings have no appeal. The old one was just perfect, smelled right and lots of old wood, I loved it, but then I don't like change very much, maybe its to do with getting a bit older. lol
    Have a nice Christmas.

  2. Anything with chard is wonderful. Lovely bowl of soup.

  3. My 'Compost Soup' tends to be green... it's all that Chard.

  4. I love green soup - we eat a version of it several times a week. Soup, cheese, bread - fabulous. Guess what's on the menu tonight!

  5. I do love soup it just warms the body and soul, looks delicious.