Sunday, August 23, 2020


We like to listen to Jim Mora on Sunday Mornings and in particular a segment called "Calling Home" in which he talks to Kiwis now living in various parts of the world.  This morning it was Grant Phelps, a wine maker, who now lives in Valparaiso.  He was visiting Christchurch two years after the earthquakes.  A shopping mall had been destroyed and a young student came up with the idea of making a mall from shipping containers.  This gave Grant the idea of building a hotel out of containers.  My brother (Cro) often talks of the property next door to him that is building holiday accommodation from containers so, after the programme, I went to Mr Google to see what this hotel looks like and was impressed here is a review from the N.Y. Times.

This is a photo of the outside from their website.

Hotel WineBox Valparaiso from the front

So, Cro, hope the one next to you turns out better than expected.


  1. Bright and colourful, hope they are quake proof.

  2. I checked my address book to see if you are listed there, is it the same where I sent the poppy seeds? Maybe you could email me to make sure the bean seeds arrive where they should.

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  4. The container holiday things are all in place, but only one has been fitted out inside. He has had three tenants so far, and they have all been 'couples'; no kids. Next year will be the real test, when they are are all up and running. This year has been pleasantly quiet, other than one lot of late night revellers next door.

  5. It's very cool, I like how colourful it is. It's a great idea.

    1. I liked the way they recycled both inside and out.

  6. These are all the rage here. We have several in the neighborhood that are used as ADU's.