Saturday, August 22, 2020


 We have not had much of a winter but, suddenly, it seems as though spring is here.  Yesterday, I finally planted out the two punnets of dwarf beans that I bought recently and also potted up the broccoli seedlings as they are still a bit small and did some much needed weeding.

It has also been a great couple of days for getting the washing dry with sun and a gentle breeze.  We are also noticing the extra daylight both in the morning and evening.  

Family coming for lunch tomorrow so I made a large pot of vegetable soup and the topping for an apple crumble.  Our Supermarket order should be here shortly.  Unfortunately, two of the food items that Kim will eat were not available so may have to go to the other supermarket to get them.  May try and go early tomorrow when it should be quiet.

So all is well with the world.


  1. Nice to hear of Spring on the way when we're sliding in the other direction.

  2. The beginning of spring is always a hopeful time. I hope you have a lovely season.

    1. Thank you, weather the world over seems unpredictable at present. It is hosing down at present.