Saturday, December 5, 2020


 Up at 5.45  and off to the market at about 6.15 - we didn't need a lot - avocados - I buy from a particular stall 3 for $5.00  from another stall a $5.00 bag of orange kumara (sweet potatoe), from another stall a kilo of delicious early tomatoes for $5.00 plus a few items for Doug's daughter.  We were actually too early for the Supermarket as it doesn't open till 7 a.m. so had to wait about ten minutes.  

Back home for breakfast then I put the ornaments back in the china cabinet.  Doug did some work on the shelf unit we had moved from the spare bedroom to his room while I cooked a ragu style sauce with 50/50 mushrooms and mince which I will freeze in packs.  Then it was straight into cooking a spatchcocked free range chicken for lunch with roasted kumara and  potatoes.  As we have a lull in our beetroot on the spur of the moment we  bought some so I prepared the tops for lunch and got the actual roots ready to roast with a few more kumara after the chicken had cooked.  

A bit of work in the garden and then feet up for a read before watering , Doug at the front garden and me the back.  Tomorrow, I hope to get the next lot of tomatoes planted before we go to the gym.


  1. As someone with zilch energy, I'm tired reading this, lol

  2. That looks like an awful lot of dusting!

  3. Having Christmas and late spring at the same time is a lot to handle. You and Doug are up to it, though. It must feel so good to be busy. People here in the States over 65 are being told to stay inside for the foreseeable future so that means a lot of reading, sitting, Netflix, sitting or anything else one can do in the confines of our homes.

  4. Your ornaments make a lovely display - and dinner sounded pretty good too :)

  5. It is good to stay busy and you two do an impressive job of it.

  6. Ah, carnival grandmother had a vase similar to the orange-hued one you have. I inherited it. I have yet to set up the new home, but it will have pride of place on some piece of furniture very soon.