Tuesday, December 29, 2020


 I wanted to do a little shopping so first thing after breakfast we went into town.  Plenty of parking.  
To Farmers first where I bought a couple of pairs of jeans (not on shopping list) and some socks as the last lot I bought are perfect.  Also wanted to pick up a free cotton bag that was on offer.  Next to the Farmers' car park I noticed the lovely gardens

Then to Kathmandu where we had seen a bathroom bag on a good special so bought one of those each.  We then headed to Kamo where Doug bought a large bag of mixed grains for the birds.  We got home just as our hairdresser arrived - perfect timing.  

I noticed a box on our front porch.  Letters are not delivered until Thursday but, apparently, parcels are.  This was from my stepdaughter in Australia and was a wonderful assortment of goodies. We also had a message from Doug's eldest daughter that she would like to come for supper and would like some more flowers.

Hairdresser finished and just getting lunch when Doug took a phone call from a neighbour would we like to go to their place for afternoon tea.  I got the washing in and folded, picked the flowers, checked a few blogs and it was time to go out.  

We have had a pleasant couple of hours catching up on news and I have just picked a few vegies,  will get the watering done and D should be here.  I had planned to put my feet up and read this afternoon but it was very pleasant catching up on the gossip.

Can catch up on reading tomorrow.


  1. You two certainly stay busy.

  2. Replies
    1. The Council does a great job of the gardens here.

  3. Would love to wander round the Farmers again. I agree, you really do have busy days!

    1. It was great as Farmers and the other shops were quite quiet (Not so good for the shops).