Friday, June 26, 2020


It was fine when we awoke this morning so we went for our walk around the streets.  I can't remember when we last did this as we stopped because of the weather and then feeling rotten with our colds.  Anyway, we are both starting to feel better and it was good to get out and walking.

The rain didn't hold off for long so the wash I had done was hung in the porch.  I see the levels of the dams are 66% and 71% and from tomorrow we will be allowed to use hoses to water gardens or wash cars etc.  not that the garden will need watering for a long time yet.  We are still asked to conserve water as much as possible to get the dams full for summer.

A  new pillow bed arrived for Sophie - I ordered two and just one has come so far but she liked it and lay on it straight away.  I just hope it helps her joints.  I have put an old candlewick rug on it that my old Irish Setter used to like although the cover is washable.  I think we will buy some more so that we can have them around the house for her.

I just took another photo to show the thickness of the bed - it looks very comfy.


  1. Looks very good; do they make them human size?

  2. I think that water conservation should become a permanent ethic, not just invoked in times of shortage.

    1. I have mentioned before that after many years on tank water (collected from roof) water conservation is automatic for me now.