Friday, June 19, 2020


The sun is shining today which always makes things better.  Kim seems a lot brighter.  The wound is quite large but the painkillers and the antibiotics will be working.   I was quite sure it was going to be a one-way trip as it looked so nasty on top of her other health problems and loss of weight.

I tried to phone the bank in England last night but gave up.  There is overload because of Covid 19 so even though I was on a line for people from overseas I was advised to wait.  I just hope I get a reply to my email.  I may try Live chat again tonight to see if I can get any other suggestions.

We had a short drive to the next suburb to get a few things and enjoyed the sun.  I also bought a Hyacinth that was reduced to half price because the support had cut across one of the flower buds - it looked in need of a loving home - rain forecast for the weekend.


  1. We were given a 'box' of several hyacinths recently which contained that same wooden bird. Whoever is producing them must a be a global Co.

  2. I just picked up the plant and was given the bird and pink pot at checkout.

  3. An attempted telephone call today, usually after waiting on line for forty-five minutes, is the stuff of 1984. Orwell must be chuckling somewhere.

    1. Getting in touch with these large organisations has definitely got harder in recent years.

  4. Whenever possible, I use the chat option. I get the most satisfaction there as my problem gets solved quickly.