Monday, June 29, 2020


Once again the forecast rain and thunderstorms did not materialise and, so far at least, we have had a sunny day.

A few days ago I noticed a recipe in our local paper for a persimmon cake and it was gluten free.  I have never cooked with persimmon before but the cake sounded delicious - it was made mainly with almond meal and had cardamon in it which makes anything taste good.  To start with I could not find my ring-tin but came across it yesterday.  We only had a couple of persimmons left and it is the end of the season so today was the day.  It was an easy cake to make - not large but I will make it again - it would be good with most fruit.  and it was DELICIOUS and would be good either as cake or dessert.


  1. That looks like a very interesting cake. I've never heard of one being made with persimmons before, but it sounds delicious :)

  2. That looks and sounds delicious. I don't know what my mother would think of the ingredients that we use to cook with today. I think she would be shocked, as many of the spices, herbs and food ingredients are all products that she would never have even heard of. I also make a similar cake using fresh plums and cinnamon, which I began making after a visit to Austria where it is a national cake.

    1. Plum and cinnamon sound a good combination. I make a cake with raspberries and cardamon so may try this with rasberries as it is quicker.

  3. Looks like it would go well with my mid morning coffee.

  4. Ah, an upsidedown cake! Looks luscious.