Tuesday, May 19, 2020


A beautiful sunny day today.  After our morning walk and doing some chores (changing sheets, 2 loads of washing etc) we drove in to town again.  We went to pick up the vynil curtain for the porch that had been ordered well before lockdown.  I think it will now be stored until spring.  Also picked up a book from the Library  - A Month in the Country by J.L. Carr.  I ordered it when John from By Stargoose and Hanglands blog recommended it on 20th March.  Of course it has been waiting during lockdown.  I have several books ready to read now.

Two Monarch butterflies were released and a couple of caterpillars put into the cage.  I just put another caterpillar in the cage and noticed two more butterflies - they will be released tomorrow if it is fine.


  1. It has been a warm sunny day here as well. Meant to freeze tonight though!

  2. Always good to have lots to read. Nine degrees is cold????

    1. At this time of year. It is still autumn and we don't get your temperatures. A mild frost on winter. I just checked and the coldest month is July with an average low temperature of 7.8 C

  3. Monarch butterflies are pretty. It's been really mild here 6 deg at 7am this morning now it's 14 and full sun, perfect weather.